Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Iraq veteran needs help after being hit by garbage truck

Vet survives Iraq, hit by garbage truck
Robert Dare hospitalized in Vancouver
By Tim Becker

VANCOUVER, Wash. (KOIN) - Robert Dare is an Iraq War veteran who survived bullets and bombs but was seriously injured when he was hit by a garbage truck in downtown Vancouver on Sept. 30.

He spent 15 months on the front lines in Iraq from 2007 to 2009 and left with barely a scratch.

But he'll spend about the next six weeks recovering from his injuries -- a fractured spine, broken ankle, broken shoulder -- at the VA Medical Center in Vancouver.

Dare told KOIN 6 News his body is back together but it's not the same.

"I have pins in there, don't know where the pins are," he said. "There's tingling, throbbing of pain and it's very hard to sleep."

Veterans Affairs will cover his medical bills but the 27-year-old New Jersey native needs some help.
Veterans Advocate and Organizer Penny Dex is making sure he gets what he needs.
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