Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Afghanistan War less supported than Vietnam War?

Afghanistan war less supported than Vietnam War?
Wounded Times
Kathie Costos
December 31, 2013

This is a shocking piece of news. War in Afghanistan, started because of an attack on this country, is now less supported than the Vietnam War.
CNN Poll: Support for war in Afghanistan dips below 20 percent
Dec. 30, 2013

WASHINGTON, Dec. 30 (UPI) -- Support for the war in Afghanistan is less than 20 percent, making the longest U.S. military conflict the least popular, a CNN poll released Monday indicated.

Results of the CNN/ORC International survey also indicates a majority of Americans would like to see U.S. combat troops leave Afghanistan before the December 2014 deadline.

Only 17 percent of Americans say they support the 12-year-long war, the poll indicated. Opposition is at 82 percent.

"Those numbers show the war in Afghanistan with far less support than other conflicts," CNN Polling Director Keating Holland said.

"Opposition to the Iraq war never got higher than 69 percent in CNN polling while U.S. troops were in that country, and while the Vietnam War was in progress, no more than six in 10 ever told Gallup's interviewers that war was a mistake."
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They say that Americans do support the troops and veterans even if they do not support wars. They say it, but it seems that support comes from not having to actually pay attention to the troops or veterans.

This year the US lost 127 in Afghanistan, 52 due to IEDs. The Department of Defense reported yesterday that up to the end of November, the Army has lost 139 to suicide, as well as 139 Army National Guards and Army Reservists. 278 from the Army alone. There has been no official release from the other branches. Most Americans have no clue what is happening there, has happened there or is happening right here after they come home.