Saturday, December 28, 2013

Army Spc. Shannon Chihuahua's family will accept a Silver Star in his honor.

Fallen soldier to receive Silver Star
By Troy Washington
Posted: Dec 27, 2013

A South Georgia soldier killed in action will be awarded one of the nation's highest military honors.

Army specialist Shannon Chihuahua's family will accept a Silver Star in his honor.

It's been three years since Kristen Chihuahua lost her husband and their two daughters lost their dad. Now, he's being honored for his bravery and sacrifice.

Six year old Sophia Chihuahua may not fully understand the sacrifice that her father made for her country, but she does know that daddy was a hero.

"Sometimes when I get scared in the dark at night, alone with my sister and I can't sleep I just snuggle with my bear and I just fall asleep," said Sophia.

The bear that Sophia and her three year old sister Annabelle are holding so closely is made from pieces of their father's uniform. Shannon Chihuahua was an army medic, who died in Afghanistan in 2010 after his unit was attacked by insurgents. He was fatally wounded while trying to help a fellow soldier.

"He had no regard for what might happen to him he was just trying to get to the person that needed help," said Kristen Chihuahua.

It's that kind of courage that earned him two Purple Hearts, numerous other awards, and most recently a Silver Star, the second highest military honor.

"He truly deserves it, if any soldier deserves it would be him, for not thinking about himself or what may happen to him, but instead thinking that someone else needed him," said Kristen.

On February 7th the entire family will travel to Fort Campbell in Kentucky to receive the soldier's award.
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