Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Does a felon deserve pardon from Governor Walker?

Before you make up your mind,
Two days after his return, on Sept. 18, 2004, Pizer, then 23, was out on the town in Boscobel. After some bar-hopping, he stepped into the middle of a scuffle in an alley between his friend and a jealous husband, trying to break it up.

“(They were) poking me in the chest, chest-bumping me, getting in my face ... When (the husband) came at me from my peripheral vision, my side, he said he was going to kill me "

“And I just instinctively reacted ‘cause I couldn’t see his hands. It was a very dark night behind a garage in an alleyway. I couldn’t see if he had something in his hands to stab me with, shoot me with, bash me with. So I just instinctively gave him a right jab.”

This happened only two days after he returned from this.
“In fact, in order to go on a second tour of duty, Eric had to extend his enlistment by two months. No one asked him to do it. He did it for one reason: Eric had four new Marines under his command who had never been in combat or to the Middle East before ... he knew that staying with his team gave them the best chance for their safe return home.”

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