Sunday, December 22, 2013

Double Amputee Marine Arrives at New Home for Christmas

Injured Marine gets early Christmas present
NBC News 10
By Susie Steimle
Posted: Dec 21, 2013

Burrillville Rhode Island

Marine Corporal Kevin Dubois is finally home. He and his wife cut the ribbon on an early Christmas present Saturday, a brand new, fully paid for, handicap accessible home from Homes for Our Troops, an organization that builds adapted houses for wounded soldiers.

"Thank you doesn't even begin to cover it, everything in this house is going to be perfect for me to be able to use," Dubois said.

His journey back to independent living wasn't easy. Two years ago Dubois stepped on and improvised explosive device in the Helmund Province in Afghanistan, he was trying to rescue a fellow soldier.

"I was originally cut off at the knees but the infection spread to my bones they had to take the rest of my legs," Dubois said.
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