Monday, December 30, 2013

Iraq Veteran, triple amputee attacked on Facebook

Screenshot of union leader to disabled vet: You’re all worthless burdens, deserved to lose limbs, die
Bizpac Review
by Michael Dorstewitz
December 29, 2013

Debate over the decrease in veterans’ benefits included in the Murray/Ryan budget deal recently passed by Congress has been heated, but not vicious — until now.

Air Force Sr. Airman Brian Kolfage Jr., a triple amputee and Iraq war veteran, said he received a vile message on his Facebook page from union executive Janet Vrotsos, according to the conservative news site, Pat Dollard.

Here’s a screenshot of the message:(go to link for image)

The entry reads:
You disabled veterans are worthless and all should have died, shame on you for fighting in a republican war, you deserved to lose all you limbs and I hope all veterans lose their benefits. I hope you die a miserable death you worthless fake hero. You and your family will be a burden on tax payers for your entire life. (sic)
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