Friday, December 6, 2013

Vietnam veteran receives 'long overdue' hero's welcome

Vietnam veteran receives 'long overdue' hero's welcome
Montgomery News
By Dutch Godshalk
December 5, 2013

When Army 1st Lt. Ed Sasinowski came home from Vietnam 43 years ago, there were many things he didn’t receive. He didn’t receive his Purple Heart. He didn’t receive his Bronze Star. He didn’t even receive a proper hero’s welcome home.

But on a recent Saturday morning, roughly 100 of Ed’s friends and family righted that wrong. Gathered at his home in Maple Glen Nov. 30, a crowd gave Ed the homecoming party he never received after his tour of duty.

As state Rep. Tom Murt, R-152, put it as he stood before a backyard full of Sasinowski’s loved ones, “Guys like Ed had to go into combat, and after surviving, they had to come home to a country that wasn’t always that grateful for their sacrifice and their service. Let’s face it — back then our country didn’t even want to hear about your stories and injuries.”

Sasinowski’s was among the untold stories.
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