Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Alleged McDonald's shooter: I'm a veteran with PTSD

PTSD is no excuse for this. It is rare for veterans with PTSD to harm someone else, but it does happen. There just seems to be a trend now to blame everything on it. One more reason why Veterans Courts are a good thing. No "get out of jail free card" and plenty of work for them to do to heal but they are still held accountable.
Alleged McDonald's shooter: I'm a veteran with PTSD
Des Moines Register
MacKenzie Elmer
October 27, 2015

The man accused of shooting two teens outside an Ankeny McDonald’s Saturday after they got into a dispute with employees about pickles says he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder from serving two tours in Iraq.

Gabriel John Coco, 36, of Des Moines allegedly pistol-whipped and shot the two 18-year-olds outside after he became angry over their exchange with McDonald's workers that "alluded" to pickles, police say.

Police wouldn't elaborate on what was said, and Coco’s attorney, Timothy McCarthy, would not permit him to answer questions regarding the shooting.
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