Saturday, October 31, 2015

Shocking! You Don't Have to Be A Veteran To Drive Like You Are?

Veteran wants proof you deserve that military license plate 
Tampa Tribune
By Howard Altman
Tribune Staff
October 31, 2015
Earlier this month, Connie O’Dell went to the department of motor vehicles office in Ruskin to get a new license plate for her husband, Navy veteran Mike O’Dell.

As a result, O’Dell is on a new mission — trying to change how plates commemorating the five branches of the armed services are issued in Florida.

O’Dell says his wife saw a Navy license plate, asked if she could purchase it and was told she could — even though she was never in the Navy and didn’t have to show discharge papers or any other proof that she served.

O’Dell said he did some research and found out those are indeed the rules. But he wants them changed.

“I asked at least three or four dozen veterans since then and none of them were aware that the people driving around with those license plates weren’t necessarily in the service,” said O’Dell, who served in the Navy from 1971 to 1973. “They were not happy to find that out. We served our country. We deserve those plates. Those who did not, don’t deserve those plates.”

The bigger issue, O’Dell said, is concern that non-veterans with nefarious intent might try to pass themselves off as veterans. He said civilians who want to show their support should get a “supporter” plate instead.
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