Friday, October 30, 2015

Will Iraq Veteran Matthew Ladd Ever See Justice Jury Awarded?

WPB Iraqi war vet continues to battle city to get $888,000 verdict
Palm Beach Post
Jane Musgrave
October 29, 2015
Filed in: 15th Circuit, 4th District Court of Appeal, Civil, Florida Legislature

Former West Palm Beach police officer Matthew Ladd while serving in Afghanistan in 2005.
Two years after a Palm Beach County jury ordered West Palm Beach to pay an Iraqi war veteran $888,000 for improperly firing him as a police officer, an appeals court this week ordered the city to pay up.

But whether 30-year-old Matthew Ladd will ever see the money still remains an open question.

A jury in 2013 agreed the city used PTSD as a ruse to fire Ladd, days after a psychiatrist declared him fit for duty.

In an unusual move, city officials earlier this year filed a separate lawsuit, claiming Ladd lied to the jury about his condition. In the lawsuit, they claim they obtained medical records that showed Ladd was diagnosed with PTSD in 2007 and he was taking experimental drugs when he worked as a city cop.

Garcia claims Ladd, who served two years in Iraq and Afghanistan, wasn’t diagnosed with PTSD until 2012, two years after he was fired. He branded the city’s action “a vexatious, bad faith attempt to punish Mr. Ladd” for winning the $888,000 verdict. read more here