Monday, November 2, 2015

Accused of Stolen Valor, Real Marine Iraq Veteran Beaten

Sacramento Marine Vet Says He Was Beaten Over Mistaken Case Of Stolen Valor
CBS News
By Nick Janes
October 28, 2015

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A Marine Corps vet who served his country in combat says he was attacked by someone who believed he was lying about his military service.

It happened over the weekend at The Long Shot, an Arden-area bar. Michael Delfin says the man was looking for a fight, saying Delfin had never served.
He says he was jumped by the first man and one of his friends. Delfin’s tibia is broken, and his jaw might be too.

As for the claim of stolen valor, his service was very real.

“I did over 12 years in the Marine Corps; I was a tracker and I was in combat in 2004 in Fallujah,” he said.
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  1. i was just "outed" as stolen valor because of my name, told a person with my name can't be a real veteran, on facebook. that's how racist we are now.

    i've been helping other disabled usa vets since the 60s. bathing disabled bets, emptying piss bottles and laundering their sheets, running peer counseling PTSD email groups since the 1990s and a "sovereign citizen" " patriot " who wasn't born when i was helping homeless disabled vets call me out on FaceBook quote " with a name like that " you can't be a real veteran.


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