Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Concerns about Boston shelter for veterans

In all these years I've posted many stories that have hit me especially hard. This is one of them. I've donated to them for many years even after moving to Florida. Very sad and I pray to God they get this mess cleared up soon!
5 Investigates: Concerns about Boston shelter for veterans
Unsafe, unsanitary conditions found at New England Center for Homeless Veterans
Kathy Curran, Jonathan Wells
Nov 17, 2015

BOSTON —It's a place many homeless veterans turn to for much-needed services, shelter and a safe place to live. But some veterans tell 5 Investigates that they believe the center that has millions in the bank is leaving our soldiers behind.

In the shadows of Boston City Hall, you'll find some of our most vulnerable veterans seeking shelter at the New England Center for Homeless Veterans, where they promise the men and women who served our country a safe and warm place to stay.

"None of that has come true," said Steve Kelly, an Army veteran who has been renting a room at the center for four years.

5 Investigates took a look at city records from the past two and a half years and found there have been hundreds of calls to Boston police for problems including illegal drugs, assaults and illegal firearms.
5 Investigates also discovered 32 men who live or work at the veterans shelter are registered sex offenders, most of them Level 3s, who are considered the most likely to re-offend.
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