Saturday, November 21, 2015

Disabled Veteran Jumped From Philadelphia VA Hospital

Stewart A. Mosher, 34, appeared to have jumped from the top level of the parking garage on the VA campus just after noon on Nov. 27, according to a police report obtained by the Times Union. Five people, including a VA employee and a nurse from Albany Medical Center Hospital, witnessed Mosher hit the pavement in front of 67 Veterans Way, police said.
Disabled veteran jumps from deck, dies at Philadelphia VA hospital
Federal authorities investigating incident as Philadelphia VA remains under scrutiny
Philly Voice
Philly Voice Staff
November 20, 2015

Federal authorities with the Department of Veterans Affairs the death of a man who jumped from a parking deck Thursday morning at the Philadelphia Veterans Affairs hospital.

The incident occurred as the victim, whose name has not yet been released, sought psychiatric treatment at the facility in Philadelphia, according to The Daily Beast. Because the incident occurred on federal property, the investigation is being conducted by the VA police department.

A spokesperson for the VA, Fern Billet, did not confirm whether the man's death was considered a suicide. At the scene, officials said that the victim was a white male, approximately 5'7'', who was identified by a witness based on a distinctive backpack he was wearing.

The witness said the victim left the VA waiting room and jumped from a parking deck, striking a utility building and losing his shoes before falling to the ground. The body was removed from the scene as VA police and federal officials began an investigation.
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