Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Double Amputee Veteran in Washington Saved Suicidal Vet In Florida

Iraq War Veteran With No Arms Saved the Life of A Suicidal Soldier She Had Never Met 
Inside Edition
by Deborah Hastings
November 10, 2015
“When a soldier gets out of the military, you have an incredible loss of purpose,” she said. “You never feel like what you are doing now is as important as what you were doing.” Mary Dague
Sometimes the hardest part of war is coming home. James Childs, who battles PTSD after serving 33 months in Iraq and Afghanistan, came to the conclusion that life was no longer worth living. And so he posted a farewell note on Facebook in April and stopped answering his phone and his emails. 

Enter total stranger Mary Dague, a veteran herself who served more than five years and lost both arms after a bomb she had dismantled nonetheless detonated.

Dague, 31, picked up the phone in Washington and called Childs in Florida.

She had heard from a male friend who said his buddy had said goodbye on line and wouldn’t answer the phone. “I called him and left a message,” Dague told INSIDE EDITION Tuesday. “I sent him texts.

It took two hours for him to call me back.” read more here