Monday, November 2, 2015

Forgetting About Majority of Veterans Is The Greatest Sin of All

How do you start and conversation that has been going on for decades with the wrong information? How to you actually change anything when you leave out the most important details?

I've grown so weary of all the things being done to "raise awareness" that hope of meaningful conversations is evaporating.

This seems like a beautiful project and should be watched as well as earned awards but when folks will walk away thinking they have learned anything on suicides tied to the military, they will have learned what is wrong.

The fact is, the majority of the veterans committing suicide are over the age of 50. The fact is that veterans in general are double the number of civilian suicides. The fact is the younger veterans are triple their peer rate after all the fabricated lies of training them to be resilient when in fact even suicides within the military increased after this training. The fact is for female veterans they are 6 times higher than civilian female suicides while younger female veterans are 12 times higher.

The other fact in all of this is no one is talking about what works and has helped veteran heal for decades.

New documentary to address PTSD, depression and suicide among war vets
By John Bridges
Oct 29, 2015

SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) - Army chaplain Justin David Roberts served with the 101st Airborne Division in eastern Afghanistan, and compiled hours of video documenting their exploits. Roberts has turned that footage into a documentary called, "No Greater Love."
"There has to be this conversation and some sort of understanding on it," said Roberts. "That's what this film is all about: trying to help tell the story of not just the war, but also the people who were serving and why they were serving. Also to begin this discussion, this conversation on how to we fully come home and how do we sink in."

Roberts says he made the film because of the alarming rate of PTSD and suicide among veterans returning from war.

"Right now it's killing us. There's 22 suicides per day. I mean there are serious problems of depression, addictions, PTSD. A litany of issues and these are the best of our best."
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Those numbers, yet again, are wrong and leave out the older veterans being forgotten about even though they are the majority of the veterans population in this country and that is the greatest sin of all.