Sunday, November 29, 2015

Guest Post on PTSD Treatment

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A New Treatment That Addresses The Real Cause of PTSD

PTSD is a serious problem. Why isn’t anyone really paying attention? There are countless statistics quoted by the media, yet how many veterans with PTSD are really treated to remission?

The drugs aren’t working and we need alternative solutions.
We are all frustrated at how our heroes and loved ones have been treated. They deserve better. What’s the solution?
According to a group of forward-thinking therapists and doctors, the reason a solution has not been developed is that the medical field doesn’t truly understand PTSD. This causes doctors and medical organizations to take the easy way out and just prescribe medications.
Prescription medications only treat the symptoms of PTSD, not the underlying illness. The flashbacks, panic attacks, nightmares and other symptoms are NOT the illness. They are a symptom of a much deeper issue.
Blue Morpho Foundation has discovered the true source of PTSD – it is a problem of consciousness.
PTSD happens when a person experiences a negative or damaging shift in consciousness during trauma. After the traumatic event, prolonged symptoms pattern the trauma into PTSD. To cure the illness, there needs to be a new shift in consciousness - a peak experience to allow for a positive shift in consciousness and a method to integrate it.

A new treatment that actually works?
We have treated PTSD into remission without medication or decades of psychotherapy. In fact, there are now thousands of former PTSD sufferers worldwide who swear by our treatment’s effectiveness. They attest to the results that they have experienced firsthand, which includes lasting relief without the return of their illness.
The treatment works without medications and the common side effects thereof. It works by using propriety technology to address the underlying issues in the patient’s psyche. Through a series of healing shifts in consciousness, the release of a traumatic past is achieved.
The BMF advisory board, comprised of forward-thinking therapists, is treating PTSD into remission without side effects or medication using these new techniques.

This isn’t your average psychotherapy.
It leverages all four modalities of human experience, harnessing the power of imagination, cognition, body, and emotion individually and in unison to shift consciousness to a new state where the mental illness is no longer present.
We truly want to help our veterans and have dedicated our lives to treating mental illness. Our goal is to fund a long-term research study that will prove to the world what we have discovered - that our treatment works. Our veterans desperately need a solution and we need to make this available to them. Thousands can already testify to the efficacy of our treatment; now we just have to prove it to the modern medical establishment so that we can legally distribute it.  
For more information on this campaign, please go to our website:
For all media inquiries, please contact Jed Wallace at (310) 403-0559 or


  1. I have had the good fortune of seeing Hamilton heal people in real life. This stuff is worth checking out if you're in need.

  2. Hamilton's work has touched my life and that of my family in more ways than I can begin to explain. It's not an exaggeration to say that making this sort of healing available to everyone could literally change the world.


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