Thursday, November 19, 2015

Iraq Veteran Killed by Police in Miami

Reminder, police officers have no choice too often. The last thing they want to do is shoot a veteran. They know the person in front of them was willing to die for the sake of someone else at one point in their lives. We're the ones forgetting that simple fact.
Police shoot man dead after stun guns fail to subdue him
Miami Herald
November 18, 2015

Before two Opa-locka cops gunned down a man Wednesday morning — the seventh shooting by South Florida law enforcement since Friday — the man jumped on a patrol car and smashed its window, then withstood the blast of two electronic shock devices meant to subdue him, police said.

Police said the devices had so little effect that the man remained standing and continued to threaten the officers until they shot and killed him.

“There’s a witness who corroborated he had a weapon. Some type of stick or crowbar.

According to them [after officers deployed their stun guns] he still continued forward with something in his hand,” said David Chiverton, Opa-locka’s assistant city manager.

Cornelius Brown, 25, was the second of the seven police shooting victims to die. On Tuesday, Leon Yohans, 28, was killed more than a mile from a Wendy’s restaurant just west of Cutler Bay after he held up the fast food restaurant manager at gunpoint, police said. Officers said they opened fire when Yohans produced a firearm, which was recovered near his body on a canal bank.

An arrest affidavit from 2012 provided to the Herald from news partner CBS 4 claims that Yohans was a discharged Iraq war veteran who had moved in with his parents and suffered post-traumatic stress disorder.
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