Saturday, November 28, 2015

Joe Donnelly's "Care Package" Empty Box

This is really getting ridiculous! They keep committing suicide and members of Congress keep getting writers cramp. The latest is another bill by Senator Joe Donnelly called "Care Package" but it turns out it will be another empty box with a pretty wrapping paper.
Donnelly’s Military Mental Health Provisions Signed into Law with National Defense Bill Senator’s bipartisan efforts will improve quality of care and ease of access for servicemembers in ongoing push to address military suicide November 25, 2015
Donnelly said, “Seeing the ‘Care Package’ signed into law is another important step forward as we continue the fight to bring military suicide numbers down to zero. Getting these provisions implemented in communities across Indiana and throughout the country will improve the quality of mental health care provided to our servicemembers. It will expand their options, helping connect Hoosiers with local providers who are specially trained to deal with challenges unique to the military. It will also help our Department of Defense providers better recognize the signs of suicide risk in their patients and connect them with the resources and support they need. We owe it to our servicemembers and their families to help them get access to the best quality mental health care. Our work is far from done, and I will keep pushing to improve mental health care for our servicemembers, veterans, and their loved ones.”

Exactly what good has any of the other bills done? This is from Joe Donnelly's site.
"In the first half of 2015, DoD reported that more than 200 servicemembers took their own lives. Last year, 443 servicemembers took their own lives and in 2013 474 were lost to suicide, the Pentagon reported."
This may sound good until you consider the simple fact the number of servicemembers has dropped by the thousands. Plus add in the first attempts to reduce suicides happened back in 2007 when there were 99 suicides in the Army.

March 2012
Total - Worldwide
Total 1,409,877
Army 557,780
Navy 320,961
Marine Corps 198,427
Air Force 332,709

Total 1,382,684
Army 532,043
Navy 324,308
Marine Corps 195,848
Air Force 330,485

By September 30, 2014 1,378,834
By September 20, 2015 1,353,762

Members of Congress have been more interested in writing bills than bothering to understand if anything has worked in the past. Repeating the same steps has produced devastation for servicemembers, their families and in the Veterans Community.
What does Joe Donnelly say about suicides now?