Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Show Respect to a Veteran Is To Learn About ALL Of Them

Really good advice however, missing much. The title was "The Best Way To Show Respect to a Veteran Is To Learn About Them" but there doesn't seem to be mention of the other veterans in this country. About 20 million others who suffered the same wounds and waited in the same long lines as the newer generation fought for jobs and started families, went to college and made sure all veterans were not left behind.

Sorry but I learned about "them" growing up with my uncles after they served in WWII and my Dad after he served in Korea and then with my husband who served in Vietnam plus his Dad and uncles, all veterans of WWII.

Donating to charities is great if you know what they do with the money instead of leaving it up to the imagination as well as who they are doing it for. If you want to remember all veterans then donate to charities that actually do remember that there are other veterans in this country. They are the majority of the claims and backlog of claims, waiting even longer. They are the majority of the suicides and attempted suicides. They are the majority of the homeless veterans still living on the streets. They are only the minority when it comes to social media because when they came home from their wars including the Gulf War, the other forgotten war, they accomplished everything that was available for the newer generation getting all the attention.

So to all veterans, you are worthy of so much more than you received simply because you were willing to sacrifice your life, for not just your friends, but for strangers as well.

The Patriots obtained freedom but every generation afterwards retained it.

By the way, suicides went up after Congress started to "address it and reduce" them. Look up the Joshua Omvig Suicide Prevention Act in response to the 26 year high of suicides at 99 for 2006. We hit that the first quarter of 2015 after all the years of Congress acting.

OK I got angry but can't help it. You'll understand why when you read this. 

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