Monday, November 23, 2015

Test the PTSD Suicide Awareness Groups

Be Aware of What They Don't Know
Wounded Times
Kathie Costos
November 23, 2015

With all the groups out there claiming to be raising awareness on PTSD and suicides, things just keep getting worse for our veterans.  It is time to find out what they know and what they are telling the veterans they are claiming to be helping.

The following are basic questions I've learned the answers to over the last 3 decades. If they really know what they are talking about, then they should already know all these answers. I supplied links to the answers of what they should know. If a link is missing it means the answer can be found within another question. I don't want to make it too easy on them. On some questions there are several answers, so search for all the ones you can find. If they cannot answer all of them, then they are part of the problem our veterans have been dealing with.

You'll know the answers but if you print the questions out in plain text without the links, they can either track back this post or actually look them up themselves. If they don't even bother to find the answers, then they do not deserve any support from you or anyone else. At the very least, they may learn something to actually change things for the better.

What is PTSD?
What do the terms used actually mean?
What are the causes of PTSD?
What are the different types of PTSD?
How many Americans have PTSD?
What is the history of PTSD and war?
What is Complex PTSD?
What is MST PTSD? What is a secondary stressor?
What is secondary PTSD?
What is a flashback?
What is Peer Support?
Why do they have a hard time sleeping?
What does lack of sleep do?
How is PTSD diagnosed?
Is PTSD a mental illness?
Is PTSD curable?
When did research start on PTSD?
What is the worst program the military is using?
When did Congress start addressing suicides?
What is the difference between self-medicating and addiction?
What is a dual diagnosis?
What is TBI?
Should TBI and PTSD be treated the same way?
What have brain scans shown?
What are the statistics on suicide among veterans?
Why are there so many accidents with PTSD veterans?
Do you help all veterans or only some generations?
Do you help families?
How do you help them?
What is spiritual therapy?
What are the different ways to do physical therapy for PTSD?
Why does it work?
What is your background?
What is your training?
How long have you been doing it?
What are you doing differently?
Do you have proof what you do works?
What are you doing with the money donated to you?
Why do you need money if Facebook is free and that is where most younger veterans search?