Saturday, November 7, 2015

Veterans Deserve Congress Fixing the VA, Not Killing It

Veterans deserve proper respect and to have their needs met by politicians who decided they should go to war but never manage to plan for them to return from it!

Politicians think we're stupid. They think we haven't paid attention all along. While we wait decades for the government to make sure the VA is able to take care of all veterans, they make excuses and pass the blame. Enough is enough!

The first House Veterans Affairs Committee was seated in 1946 and we've been hearing excuses from them ever since. They just keep blaming whomever is Secretary of Veterans Affairs at the time. Who did they blame before President Reagan turned the job into a cabinet position in 1987?
President Reagan, who criticized his predecessor's creation of the Departments of Education and Energy, said today that he wanted to make the Veterans Administration a Cabinet-level department to give veterans ''the recognition they so rightly deserve.''
''There is no better time or better way to salute those valiant men and women than to announce today my decision to support the creation of a Cabinet-level Department of Veterans Affairs,'' Mr. Reagan said. ''This is a personal decision that I have thought about for some time,'' he said. ''Veterans have always had a strong voice in our government. It's time to give them the recognition they so rightly deserve.''
After all these years, the VA created to care for those who serve this whole country, preserve our freedoms, is still suffering from fools who serve on the Committees in the House and Senate all too willing to destroy the department they have jurisdiction over.

Wounded Times has tracked all the reports and proved that none of this is new but politicians just find more excuses to take away from veterans instead of asking what more could they do for them.

Is it that they have not figured out how to take care of our disabled veterans or they don't want to?

The following editorial is more proof they want to just send veterans away into the private, for profit sector waiting lines, lack of doctors and problems the rest of the population deals with everyday. You know, the same folks who can't pay attention to veterans even long enough to show up on Veterans Day for a parade or stop complaining about traffic being tied up!

Our veterans deserve the right to choose their care
By U.S. Rep. David Jolly
Nov 6, 2015

The date is March 28, 1966. Petty Officer Robert Ingram is accompanying a platoon as it dispatched a North Vietnamese battalion in the Quang Nai Province in Vietnam. Then all hell breaks loose.

Suddenly, the surrounding landscape exploded with an intense hail of gun fire from around 100 North Vietnamese soldiers.

The barrage of bullets was devastating. But Ingram crawled back and forth across the dangerous terrain to administer aid to the wounded and recover ammunition from the dead, receiving multiple gunshot wounds in the process until his injuries forced him to return to the right flank of the platoon.

Ingram’s actions saved the lives of many Marines that day.

Nearly 60,000 Americans lost their lives in Vietnam. Today, five times that number may have died awaiting medical care from the Veterans Administration.
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"My great concern is not whether you have failed, but whether you are content with your failure."
Abraham Lincoln