Thursday, November 12, 2015

Vietnam veteran "Tunnel Rat" is an inspiration to others

“It’s not what you’ve lost:” Vietnam veteran from Racine is an inspiration to others 
NOVEMBER 11, 2015
"It's not what you've lost, it's what you have left," said Sorenson. "You can make your choices. You can sit and home and not do much of anything and stare out the window and turn to drugs -- or you can get out and try to do something and get productive."
Gus Sorenson
MILWAUKEE -- FOX6's Ted Perry has had the honor to spend some time with Vietnam veterans from southeast Wisconsin over the last few weeks. The one thing he said they all have in common, is their desire to help other men and women who served. Such is the case with the "Tunnel Rat."

On a recent trip back to Vietnam, a group of men who served more than 40 years ago spent an afternoon in tunnels once occupied by enemy troops.

"It was really quite intricate, there'd be several levels and it was an elaborate set up -- basically a city underground," said Gus Sorenson, a Racine native.
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