Saturday, November 14, 2015

Will Afghanistan Veteran Suicide Be One Too Many?

We keep hearing the military say "one is too many" but they only use the to excuse themselves on current military suicides. We never hear them say anything on the veterans they trained to go to war but didn't train to come home and heal.

This article, yet again, brings up the "22 a day" claim and it is still as false as it was when it was released by the VA and they stated it was an average from 21 states.

The question is, "When will the magic 1 too many come so they change what they are doing?" It isn't working!
Veterans' suicides shine light on effects of PTSD
WSMN News Nashville
Reported by Jennifer Johnson
Nov 12, 2015
“How many times he told me, “I don’t deserve the care. I don’t deserve the benefits. I’m here. I’m here in one piece,’” Maria Gammon said.
Studies show about 22 military members take their own lives a day.

Brian Gammon, the son of a longtime Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office employee, recently committed suicide after suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder for more than five years.

“We met on the Fourth of July, and on the fifth, we clicked,” said Maria Gammon, his widow. “And we’ve been together ever since.

Maria Gammon said she still remembers their 2010 meeting and wedding just a few months later.

“Oct. 1 we got married,” she said.

But not long after their wedding vows had been exchanged, Maria Gammon said she began to realize her husband’s memories of Afghanistan were difficult, if not impossible to shake.

“It was mostly a constant anxiety, a constant depression,” she said. “There were months that he would just not be himself, being withdrawn.”

In time, Brian Gammon shared some of the more horrifying stories of his two deployments to Afghanistan in 2008 and 2009, including fellow soldiers who were hit during surprise attacks and died in his arms.
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