Monday, December 14, 2015

If Elected Sanders Will Do What He Didn't Do in the Senate?

This just keeps getting more and more ridiculous.

I don't care if they have a D or an R because they are all pretty much the same. None of them ever apologize for what they did that didn't work or what they didn't do because they just didn't listen.
MOUNT VERNON, Ia. — Sen. Bernie Sanders pledged that, if elected president, he would ensure all military veterans receive the mental and physical care they need.
Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, a Democratic candidate for president, spoke to more than 1,100 supporters on Sunday, Dec. 13, 2015, at Cornell College in Mount Vernon, Iowa. (Photo: Bryon Houlgrave/The Register)
“People who could talk the language, who could walk the walk,” Sanders said. “And what we said is you go on out and knock on doors – don’t wait on somebody to walk into the VA – and you sit down and you talk to the veteran and or his wife and get a sense of what is going on."
Oh, so he means like when they did this back in 2008!

570,000 Iraq and Afghanistan vets to get calls from VA
VA to call Iraq, Afghanistan veterans
The Associated Press
Posted : Thursday Apr 24, 2008 14:22:55 EDT

WASHINGTON — Iraq and Afghanistan veterans: Get ready for a phone call.

The Department of Veterans Affairs said Thursday that on May 1 it will start calling 570,000 recent combat veterans to make sure they know what services are available to them.

The first calls will go to about 17,000 veterans who were sick or injured while serving in the wars. If they don’t have a care manager, the VA says they will be given one.

The next round of calls will target 555,000 veterans from the wars who have been discharged from active duty, but have not reached out to the VA for services. For five years after their discharge from the military, Iraq and Afghanistan veterans have access to health care at the VA.

The effort will cost about $2.7 million and will be handled by a government contractor.

The agency has faced complaints that a backlog in claims and bureaucratic hurdles have prevented some recent veterans from getting proper mental and physical care. Earlier this week, two Democratic senators accused the VA’s top mental health official of trying to cover up the number of veteran suicides and said he should resign.

They have been listening to the same problems over and over and over again!

And that is one of the biggest problems of all. They never do take responsibility for what they failed to do last year, the year before and decades before that. Frankly, they've had since 1946 to get it right and have done a hell of a lot of talking that never adds up to them having listened in the first place.

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