Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Point Man Making a Meaningful Healing PTSD Awareness for Decades

In the early 90's several VA hospitals and clinics were discovering the benefits of spiritual healing for PTSD. That's when they researched what Point Man International Ministries did, how they did it, but above all, why they did it.

They did it because it worked for them as veterans themselves as well as their families. Point Man started in 1984 and by the 90's had enough years of proving it works as peers.

While some want to think that "peer support" is new, it isn't new at all. Nothing on what combat does to those we send is new especially to those veterans on the frontline of actually doing something about it.

David Briggs wrote Coming Home: How Religion Can Be a Healing Balm for Veterans on The Huffington Post today
"The case study from new research on religion and veterans reveals the potential powerful impact faith can have on the lives of service members."
Korean and Vietnam War veteran prays during ceremonies at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
Hmm,,,new? Seriously?

Take a look at this.
That is the back of my motorcycle vest. It is for Point Man International Ministries.

It was a new group BACK IN 1984!
"And just how much the right type of spiritual support matters.

Veterans who are able to find a resource in faith in a loving God who cares for them appear to be better able to work through the stresses of combat.

Those who continue to struggle with images of a judgmental God who is responsible for senseless suffering are more likely to take their own lives, research indicates."
Over and over again it never fails to surprise me of exactly how little research is done on something as serious as life and death for those willing to put their lives on the line for someone else, yet fall when they cannot find a reason to live back at home.

If you live in Florida I'd love to talk to you about joining this fabulous group of dedicated leaders in restoring lives. Call me at 407-754-7525. We need leaders to step up and run small groups so if you are more interested in making a meaningful difference than you are jumping on the "awareness raisers" we need you.

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