Friday, December 18, 2015

PTSD Research Missing What Was Already Known?

There is another study that made the news lately. Apparently the reporter had not been given the news it had all been researched before.

DAV Forgotten Warrior Project way back in 1978.

This is what it found among other things that have not changed.

In other words, for all the claims of new research, other than the brain scans being done, there is nothing new on PTSD or what combat does. Not even knew for what trauma does to anyone no matter what the cause is. All of which began when Vietnam veterans came home and fought for the research.
Now it seems there are new claims yet again, and yet again, far from new as you just read. So what are they not discovering if they can't even discover what has already been done?

Veterans' PTSD may recur down the line
Published December 18, 2015
Soldiers with combat duties outside the military base also had significantly more PTSD symptoms at one year and five years than those who only resided inside the military base during their deployment.

Soldiers deployed to Afghanistan had a spike in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms in the months immediately after their return, but also five years later, according to a Dutch study.

The results suggest that screening for PTSD symptoms should continue for more than just a year or two after soldiers return home because new or recurrent PTSD cases could emerge, the authors say.

"Our objective was to gain more insight in the changes in posttraumatic stress complaints in a long-term period after deployment, ultimately to evaluate the timing of an increase in treatment demand after deployment," said lead author Iris Eekhout of VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam, by email.

In the U.S., 11 to 20 percent of veterans of the Iraq war suffer PTSD symptoms each year, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs.
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