Monday, December 21, 2015

PTSD Service Dog Snafu Leads to Awareness of Federal Law

Service dog snafu leads to awareness of federal law at Jax restaurant
By Jim McCabe
December 19, 2015
“Whether it be retrieving items or alerting the handler that it’s time to take medication. There can be anxiety or depression issues. The key is that the animal itself be trained to do some sort of particular work for the individual who it corresponds with.”
A candidate for Morgan County State’s Attorney spent time this week at a Jacksonville restaurant explaining the rules of allowing service animals in certain establishments.

South Jacksonville attorney Tyson Manker went to the Burger Board restaurant on Tuesday after a recent incident at the establishment involving a war veteran who came in with a service dog.

The veteran apparently suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and got upset when questioned about the dog’s presence by an assistant manager.

Manker, a former Marine who fought in the Iraq War in the 2000s, explained that the Americans With Disabilities Act covers the “dos and don’ts” of service animals, being dogs or miniature horses.

Some of the key points covered: the animal must be controlled by its owner, and the restaurant has the right to ask that the service animal be removed if it becomes out of control or not housebroken.
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