Sunday, December 20, 2015

Squatters Took Over Veteran's Apartment While in Hospital

Veteran says squatters moved into his VA apartment, sheriff's office says they can't help 
He says he can't use his own bed or bathroom
ABC Action News
Adam Walser Dec 17, 2015
Taxpayers are footing the bill for burden's $700 per month apartment, but Burden says he can’t sleep in his own bed or access his bathroom.
TAMPA - A program aimed at helping homeless veterans get off the streets is falling short, as unwelcome guests are now calling one local veteran's apartment home.
Veteran Ron Burden says the Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (VASH) program got him off the street and into his own place.

But when he ended up in the VA hospital for an extended stay, he says squatters moved in and are refusing to leave.

The I-Team spotted the woman now staying inside Burden's apartment walking up and down Nebraska Avenue earlier in the day.

Burden says she often brings strangers back with her.
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  1. How is it not possible for him to get this woman out of his home? Surely he can just evict her or slap her with the forceful removal of her items from his home? It sounds preposterous that he would just let her stay there!


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