Sunday, December 27, 2015

UK: Double Amputee Funds Own "Legs to Wear"

Afghanistan war veteran has to remortgage home to fund limb surgery
The Telegraph UK
By Tom Whitehead, Security Editor
December 27, 2015
"They are not looking after veterans. I'm stuck in a wheelchair with my life on hold and it's not fair. I want to be out and about but I can't because I've no legs to wear."
War hero Clive Smith, who lost both legs below the knee in a bomb blast, is having to spend £90,000 to go to Australia for pioneering artificial limb surgery
War hero Clive Smith is spending £90,000 flying 10,000 miles to Sydney for a operation which he hopes will transform his life. He said he has been left with no choice because the NHS and the Ministry of Defence have betrayed him, despite pledges that injured veterans would get the best possible care.

Sapper Smith, who stepped on a landmine in Helmand Province in 2010, has been in a wheelchair for 12 months, waiting for new prosthetic limbs.
Clive Smith, sixth right, in a shoot for the Invictus Games
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