Saturday, December 5, 2015

USF Got $71 Million for PTSD Research But Failed Own Student?

USF received millions in the last "five years" for PTSD research but has yet to learn how to help veteran students with PTSD?
"USF has also received about $71 million over the past five years to develop cutting-edge PTSD treatments and other programs for veteran rehabilitation and reintegration into society."
Troubled veteran must serve sentence before re-enrolling at USF
Tampa Tribune
By Anastasia Dawson
Tribune Staff
Published: December 3, 2015

TAMPA — Qadratullan “Shawn” Hassan sat quietly by himself Thursday, listening to reasons a man he feared would kill him should be given a second chance at graduating from the University of South Florida.
A number of mental health experts say Clay Allred is ready to be reintegrated into USF, a judge says, and the court might even provide him an escort on campus.TRIBUNE FILE PHOTO
Hassan, 29, was working at a gas station and convenience store just steps from USF’s Tampa campus when former Army Staff Sgt. Clay Allred, 30, told the Muslim clerk, “I don’t like you people,” urinated on the store’s floor and fired his handgun into the air repeatedly.

Hassan said he has sympathy toward the man, who has suffered with post-traumatic stress disorder after tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as a traumatic brain injury from a car crash.

Yet Hassan said the experience has given him nightmares of his own and was relieved USF’s Board of Trustees appeared to stand firm on its decision to keep Allred out of school until he finishes serving his sentence for the crime.

“It was a hate crime, and if it was a civilian I wouldn’t have taken it so bad, but it was a veteran and that hurt my heart,” Hassan said. “At that moment, I thought my life was over and I was just asking God for a miracle.”

Hillsborough County Circuit Judge Gregory Holder told USF’s thirteen trustees Thursday that Allred, a decorated veteran and former U.S. Army Green Beret, has made considerable progress with help from Holder’s Veterans Treatment Court.

Through veteran’s court, Allred has completed therapy for both PTSD and alcoholism. A number of mental health experts say Allred is ready to be reintegrated into USF, Hiolder said, and the court might even provide him an escort on campus.
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