Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Veterans Dying To Matter to Cable News

Fed Up With 24 Hour Election Coverage 
Wounded Times
Kathie Costos
December 9, 2015
Apparently this was the day that national news didn't matter anymore. It turned into political coverage and nothing more other than mass murders. ABC, NBC and CBS are just as bad. None of them noticed that the defenders of this nation have been dying for lack of their attention.

Turn on any channel and you'll hear about Donald Trump and his latest remark but you won't hear about combat wounded veterans being told their TBI "vanished" because a VA psychologist used a test that isn't appropriate for TBI. There are at least 9,000 of them in Montana alone.

You didn't hear that the "22 a day" number of veterans committing suicide is false or that the real reports are veterans are committing suicide double the civilian rate, which averages about 73 a day. Or the other fact that nothing has changed with more and more folks raising huge sums of money to change absolutely nothing but the size of their bank accounts.

Suicide Rates of Female Military Veterans Called 'Staggering'
The rates are highest among young veterans, the VA found in new research compiling 11 years of data. For women ages 18 to 29, veterans kill themselves at nearly 12 times the rate of nonveterans.

You didn't hear that wounded being treated at Warrior Transition Units were being treated as if they are fakers. Any more than you heard the number of enlisted servicemembers went down but the number of suicide did not go down proportionally.

Suicides, which number 273 across the active-duty military so far this year, are an issue "we all need to be worried about," Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James
But how is that possible when you had the Army report that there were 57 for 1st quarter followed by 71 in the 2nd quarter plus 15 Army Reservists followed by another 20 topped off with 27 National Guards followed by another 27? That is 217 for the Army alone total in 2 quarters. The 3rd quarter hasn't been released yet but we also don't know how many Marines, Airmen or Sailors have committed suicide either. Maybe we would know is the reporters on the national news managed to actually do some real reporting and ask some questions.

Military suicides down from last year July 13, 2015
The newly released report also includes updates on the number of suicides for 2014, when a total of 532 personnel killed themselves, including 273 active-duty members, 169 reservists and 90 guardsmen.
But then again no one talked about the number of servicemembers who received the "prevention training" before becoming veterans.

No one did any investigating on the billions spent by Congress and who got the money while suicides increased. No one did any investigation on who got paid by the DOD for the "programs" that failed in the first place.

When the cable news stations decided that nothing else matter but politics, the men and women putting their lives on the line suffered and died waiting to matter. As for all the reports about the VA, well, older veterans are wondering why nothing was done decades ago when they were waiting to matter even longer.

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