Friday, December 25, 2015

Welfare Check on WWII Veteran Opened Hearts of Police Officers

LA Police Officers Surprise Lonely WWII Veteran With Christmas Tree, Decor and Presents
ABC News
By Avianne Tann
Dec 22, 2015

They went back on Monday to check up on Perry and to deliver a few Christmas gifts -- clothes, slippers, crossword puzzles and cookies -- from some officers in the department, Nunez said.

Los Angeles Police Department officers surprised 94-year-old World War II veteran
Herman Perry with a Christmas tree, lights and presents on Dec. 21, 2015.
Two Los Angeles Police Department officers recently surprised a World War II veteran who was alone for the holidays with a Christmas tree, lights, presents and cheer.

Officers Able Torres and Natali Nunez first met 94-year-old Herman Perry last Friday when they responded to a call from Perry's neighbor Amy who was concerned for his welfare after she hadn't seen him in about a week, Nunez told ABC News today.

"Amy was aware he was recently released from a VA hospital due to an injury from a fall, so she was concerned when she hadn't heard from him as usual," Nunez said. "She tried calling, knocking on the apartment and getting touch with his niece over in Massachusetts, but no one had heard from him, so she was really concerned."

Nunez said she and Torres breathed a "heavy sigh of relief" when they entered his home and found Perry "sitting up wide-eyed and watching TV." It turned out that he hadn't been wearing his hearing aids and wasn't expecting any visitors since he had no nearby family and friends, she said.

The officer added that Perry was alone for the holidays and that his only family was on the other coast of the country.
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