Tuesday, February 23, 2016

All In The Family, Soldier Saves "Brother" In Afghanistan Marries Sister in Florida

Soldier Marries Sister of Man He Saved in Afghanistan: 'It's Such an Amazing Love Story'

Samantha Dilberian and Staff Sgt. Chris St. Onge on their wedding day
Samantha Dilberian and Staff Sgt. Chris St. Onge of Tampa, Florida, say they didn't realize how special their love story was until they actually had to put it down on paper so that they could apply to win a dream wedding.

"We live it, so we don't really think about it," Samantha, 26, tells PEOPLE. "But everyone seems to have the same reaction, everybody thinks it's just such an amazing story."

St. Onge, 27, served in Afghanistan with Samantha's brother, Bryan Dilberian. The two were on a routine patrol in July 2011 with the rest of their squad when an explosion shocked them all.
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