Friday, February 19, 2016

Dixie Davis Endless Love and Second Chances

Sometimes I think this "job" is just way too good to be true because of some of the people I've met over the years. Sammy and Dixie Davis are two of them. Well, Sammy has been going around the country for years as a recipient of the Medal of Honor and his wife Dixie has been right by his side.

I've had the pleasure of spending time with them on more than one occasion. A few years ago they sat down with me for an interview. (Video below)

Dixie wrote a book and I think it is fabulous she did. I can't wait to read it.

Endless Love and Second Chances: The wife of Medal of Honor recipient Sammy Davis shares their love story through grief, faith, and joyful new beginnings 
Paperback – February 8, 2016
by Dixie Davis (Author), Sherry Maves (Author), Gary Sinise (Foreword)
Published on May 8, 2012

Through unspeakable grief, they found an unbreakable connection—through their love, the joy of second chances. For Dixie and Sammy Davis, the road to each other’s arms was paved with tragedy. But through their marriage, they each found a new beginning filled with blessings, joy, and hope—a testament to the power of love after loss.

In Endless Love and Second Chances, Dixie Davis, with Sherry Maves, describes the joys and heartbreak of Dixie’s marriage with musician Tim “Doc Holiday” Taylor, tragically cut short by terminal cancer. Years later, Dixie makes an unexpected connection with mutual acquaintance Sammy Davis—one of seventy-seven living Medal of Honor recipients who has dedicated his life to spreading the values of “duty, honor, and country.”

An inspirational love story of hope, faith, and redemption, this heartfelt memoir follows Dixie and Sammy as they both recover from the profound grief of losing their spouses to find the love and healing in each other that they needed to move on. As the couple continues to travel throughout the country in the name of veterans’ awareness, this book pays a touching tribute to the difference they have made to each other—and to veterans everywhere. go here to order this

Vietnam Medal of Honor Sammy Davis has a message to all the troops coming home. Talk about it! Don't try to forget it but you can make peace with it. Dixie Davis has a message for the spouses too. Help them to talk about it with you or with someone else.

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