Thursday, February 4, 2016

Homeless Vietnam Veteran Eton Gilmore Honorable Burial

Woman who served in Vietnam fights to get honorable burial for veteran who died homeless
Megan Dillard
FEBRUARY 3, 2016

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- At the top of his career, he was wounded and received a Purple Heart. Two weeks ago, he died disabled and homeless in an abandoned house, with no family. Thanks to the efforts of a fellow disabled veteran, Mr. Eton Gilmore will get the burial he deserves.

A quick drive down Woodland Avenue, and the red house seems just like any other. But there's more to the abandoned home and street-side trash pile. Beyond the rubbish is the story of a homeless veteran who lived and died in the home, and the woman who is fighting to make sure he's buried with honors.

Maryannah Mosley is a disabled Vietnam veteran. She spends her time feeding the homeless.

"If they’re veterans, I really reach out. I’m a disabled veteran myself," she said.
FOX 4 put her in touch with the Department of Veteran Affairs. In a telephone conversation, a spokesperson for the VA said, "He will be buried at no cost to anyone at one of these cemeteries." The spokesperson said the VA wants to help quickly, he appreciates Mosley's efforts, and he's proud of her. "As soon as we’re off the phone, I’m going to push this email over to them."
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