Friday, February 12, 2016

John Preston, Iraq Veteran Musician Plans New Path

While this veteran/musician didn't know the "22 a day" is wrong and the numbers have simply been pushed, this is a good story to read. John Preston wants to prevent suicides instead of just raise awareness they are happening. We're looking at over 26,000 veterans committing suicide every year and the majority of them are from the older veterans.
East Bay Veteran, Musician Suffers Personal Setback In Fight Against PTSD
NBC Bay Area
By Garvin Thomas
February 11, 2016
He has promised to redouble his efforts, though in a slightly different direction. Preston's goal now is to not just raise awareness about the lives that have been lost, but stop them from happening.
It was one year ago and, clearly, things were just about the happen for John Preston.

The Danville Marine and Iraq War Veteran had just re-booted his music career and people were beginning to take not of his songs and the message they carried.

More Americans, Preston believed, needed to know about the tragedy that was 22 veterans a day committing suicide.

"A number that, the first time I heard it blew my mind," Preston said in January of 2015.
Preston's older brother was a police officer in their home state of Kentucky. Like so many other veterans Preston knows, his brother was suffering from PTSD.

"He kissed his kids goodbye, got in his car, drove down the street, and took his life," Preston said.

Of all the lives Preston has been trying to save, he couldn't save one of the ones closest to him.
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