Friday, February 26, 2016

Omaha Firefighter Battles PTSD

Firefighter battles PTSD diagnosis after surviving explosion
Matthew Smith
February 25, 2016
"I know what to do at a fire. I know what to do at an emergency situation; that I've been trained to. Not having control over my mind, it's a lot worse."
OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- It was all hands on deck for a two-alarm fire that injured seven in late January.

"We got very lucky," said Mike Terrell, one of the firefighters that was hurt that day. "We could have had five firefighters and a civilian dead like that." he said as he snapped his fingers.

He's referring to a massive fire at the Heafey-Hoffmann-Dworak and Cutler Funeral Home in Omaha. Terrell was inside the building when there was a major explosion.

Terrell was part of a two-man team. His crew's job was to turn off the gas line to the building that was inside.

While Terrell was inside he encountered the owner of the funeral home, and was trying to get him out when an explosion went off inside.

"Last thing I remember is trying to reach out with my right hand to shield Mr. Cutler from getting hurt," he said.

Terrell came to on his stomach; he dragged himself, crawling to get out.

Terrell was discharged from the hospital within a day, but 36 hours later he blacked out at his home. His wife frantically called 9-1-1.

"I don't remember the six guys being here, carrying myself downstairs, or any of that," Terrell explained.
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