Thursday, February 11, 2016

Plagiarists At It Again

It is really pitiful to see all the hard work I put into this site simply stolen just because someone felt like it.

Much to my shock, there is a site that has most of my content going back to November of 2015. is connected to a site PTSD Blog and they have been using my work going back to November of 2015.

What I do on Wounded Times comes from countless hours of tracking news reports plus over 30 years experience researching and living with PTSD in my own home. I take all of this very seriously. 

It doesn't matter I don't get a paycheck to do it. I get one from my regular job. 

It doesn't matter that I lost a couple thousand dollars every year and no one has thought about any of this. It hasn't stopped me because this, this is my life as it has been for far too long.

It is reprehensible for all these "awareness groups" popping up all over the country expecting money from folks to do what they should be doing for free! Ask any of them what the money is for or why they deserve it and they won't be able to come up with a reasonable answer. Ask them what their background is or what qualifies them to do this work and they won't really have anything to say. Caring isn't enough! That's how we ended up with all of this getting worse instead of better.

Every news report on this site has links to the original source. Every government has links to where it came from. I do not take someone else's work and won't put up an entire article for that reason. I want my readers to go to the link to read the rest of the work the reporter put into the story. I value their work.

If you see any of my work online contact me so that we can stop these plagiarist!

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