Monday, February 1, 2016

Sarah Palin Denies PTSD Blame Game

Palin still has no clue how much harm she did to veterans. Not just in her speech but as Governor of Alaska.
Sarah Palin Freaks Out on ‘Today Show’ Over PTSD Question
Daily Beast
Andrew Kirell
February 1, 2016
Donald Trump's highest-profile endorser had a meltdown Monday morning.

Sarah Palin doesn't like being asked questions about questionable things she has said.

That was the lesson Today Show anchor Savannah Guthrie learned Monday morning when she asked the former Alaska governor about her controversial remarks connecting her son's alleged post-traumatic stress disorder to President Obama.

"I want to ask you about something you mentioned on the campaign trail," Guthrie said. 
"You said that President Obama may be to blame for some of the PTSD that's out there."

"I never said that," Palin shot back.
Nevertheless, Palin attempted to explain away the remarks to her stunned hosts. "I never blamed President Obama," she asserted. "What I have blamed President Obama in doing, though, is this level of disrespect for the United States military that has made manifest in cutting budgets, in not trying to beef it up and let our military do the job they're trained to do, and in specific issues we're talking about that are so hot today, specifically, let's get in there and utterly destroy ISIS."
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