Saturday, February 20, 2016

Veterans Were Not Escorted From Trump Rally

This is the headline but as you'll see, it didn't happen.
WATCH: Veterans Escorted From Trump Rally After Challenging Islamophobia A new group by the name of "Veterans Challenge Islamophobia" called out Donald Trump for his bigoted attacks on Muslims. By Alexandra Rosenmann / AlterNet February 19, 2016
While it could have been a great story on how veterans fought side by side with a lot of the "Muslims" in Iraq and Afghanistan, this was turned into a political post grabbing a headline for attention that simply wasn't true. It worked because when I saw it, I had to read it. Now I wish I hadn't.
"As an Army veteran, I deeply resent being used as a prop for intolerance by Mr. Trump. I enlisted in order to serve everyone in my country, including my Muslim sisters and brothers, and to protect Constitutional freedoms like religious liberty," said Maggie Martin who served three tours in Iraq and Kuwait with the U.S. Army (2001-06). read more here
These are from the video on AlterNet.
Security walks over to the veterans.
They took down the banner and sat down. Security walked away.

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