Friday, March 4, 2016

‘I’m alive:’ Homeless Vietnam Vet Saved

‘I’m alive:’ Homeless Vietnam vet, 70, saved in Rock Hill 
The Herald 
by Andrew Dys
March 3, 2016

Danny Henry was homeless and living under a tarp in a wooded area in Rock Hill until veterans affairs workers helped him Thursday. 
Former President Bill Clinton spoke a week earlier about 200 yards from where Henry shivered.
Danny Henry did not die Thursday.

That made it a good day.

“I’m alive,” Henry said, his left cheek a purple spiderweb of bruises from a late night stroll to relieve himself in the woods, where branches raked his 70-year-old face.

His bathroom is in the woods because Henry lives in the woods.

The morning sun slanted in but could not brush back the cold of 31 degrees. “Livin’, one more day.”

He woke up from his bed of old blankets and a tarp underneath bushes and trees a block from downtown Rock Hill where presidential candidates had come in hordes for months before the February primaries talking about fixing America and taking care of veterans. The candidates and their limousines and buses and security guards and Secret Service rolled right down the block from Interstate 77 past where Henry lay.
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