Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Veteran Poisoned by Agent Orange Finally Gets VA Disability

Veteran wins benefits after FOX 2 Agent Orange report
FOX 2 Now
FEBRUARY 29, 2016

Casto emailed us this morning, after our follow up interview, with even better news. He titled the e-mail "we won!" and went on to explain that the VA awarded him a 70% overall disability rating. He said after seven years of dealing with the VA on this, he believes he's now won the battle.
(KTVI) - A military veteran suspected to have been exposed to Agent Orange feared the VA would deny him benefits, waiting for him to die. Now a huge change since our story after an unexpected government response.

One week after our FOX Files investigation about vets denied benefits for exposure to Agent Orange, Bill Casto received a 27 page letter with a surprising acknowledgement.

Casto read from the letter, “It says ‘VA memorandum, herbicide exposure conceded dated February 5 2016.’ After all these years since 2009, when I originally filed my claim they`re admitting now that I was exposed to herbicide.”

He got the letter February 5th, one week after our report when Casto told us, “Deny, deny, deny until you die is what we say.”

67-years old and hooked to oxygen, he suspected the VA may be waiting him out.

Casto said, “There`s thousands of us in the same boat, thousands of us.”
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  1. My father in law has had strokes because of his agent orange exposure and ALWAYS denied help! They claim that he can't prove it so they won't help him!!

    1. A few things you need to know is that over the years, they have changed the rules to make it "easier" for Vietnam veterans to file claims but they still need help. Try DAV.org because they help with claims and no all the rules. They also know what veterans should be getting. My husband is a lifetime member and I am a lifetime member of the Auxiliary. My Dad was a Korean veteran and he was a lifetime member too. After all these years, I don't know what we would have done without them.
      There is a blood test the VA has plus they know where the spraying was done and when. There are also other cases they are reviewing like "Blue Water" Navy veterans and some of the bases that ended up contaminated. Try starting here to find out more. http://www.publichealth.va.gov/exposures/agentorange/benefits/registry-exam.asp


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