Sunday, April 17, 2016

Melbroune Florida Vietnam and All Veterans Wall Escort

Fabulous day for escorting the Wall into Wickham Park! This is the 29th year and great turnout.
Florida Vietnam and All Veterans Annual Reunion
The Florida Veterans Reunion is one of the largest and longest running veterans reunions in the country.
2016 dates are are April 21st to the 24th.
We welcome all veterans young and old at our event.
Vietnam Traveling Wall will escort into the park on April 17th and will be on display until the end of the event.
2016 will be our 29th year.
The Vietnam Traveling Memorial, The Some Gave All Moving Tribute, and other static display's are on display for the 4 day event. In 2015 we hosted aprox. 87,000 people. Their are also food and merchandise vendors and music every day.

Video should be up on this tomorrow.

Sorry it too so long but only so many hours in the day.


  1. I rode with my new man in the escort for the Moving Wall--this being his first ride for this event and my 15th, I believe. The weather was picture perfect and the turn-out great. I am curious as to the approximate count of bikes that appreciated. I did the meet and greet with many of my friends--always like ole home-town get together all for one purpose---To show support and awareness of a war that took the lives of so many of our young men and had such dire effects on so many others in our society--in our United States of America and Vietnam and beyond. God Bless Them One and All.

    1. I heard an estimate of over 1,000 and judging by the raw footage I shot, that sounds about right. The video should be up later today. We go every year but usually my husband is on the ride and I film it. This year his bike had to go into the shop so he sat with me and was stunned by how different it is seeing all the bikes coming in. Glad you made it and you're right, it was perfect weather.


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