Saturday, May 14, 2016

Florida Army Vet and former Sheriff’s Deputy Comes Out of Coma---Wanted Taco Bell

This Week in Taco Bell: Army vet miraculously wakes from 48-day coma and demands Taco Bell
USA Today
For The Win
By: Ted Berg
May 12, 2016

He struggled to speak — and still struggles to speak — due to the lingering effects of intubation and a tracheotomy, but as soon as he could form sounds into words, he made a request. “I want Taco Bell,”
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In February, Jake Booth, a 35-year-old Army vet and former Sheriff’s deputy in Collier County, Fla., came down with a case of bronchitis. Antibiotics helped, but after Booth quit taking his pills a few days early, the bronchitis turned into double pnemonia. While hospitalized for treatment, Booth suffered a heart attack and fell into a coma. He had to be airlifted to Tampa General Hospital for more extensive treatment. His family did not know if he would ever wake up, or how much damage his brain endured from a loss of oxygen.

It would be 22 more days before Booth could eat solid food, a total of 70 days between real meals. But just last week, one day after doctors cleared him to eat, Jake got his wish in the form of 8 1/2 Crunchy Tacos. The photo, shared by Tyler Chronister — the same friend at Booth’s bedside when he made the Taco Bell request — is one of the most beautiful, redeeming, joyful images that will ever grace these pages:
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