Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Houston Shooting Suspect Served Three Tours

Army vet behind Houston shooting becomes third mass shooter once stationed at Fort Bliss

Friend of Houston mass shooting suspect speaks out
Grace White
May 31, 2016

HOUSTON -- Officials still don't know what caused a man to go on a deadly shooting rampage in West Houston. However, friends who knew him say he is an Army veteran who suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

"If precautions were taken before this, even on my part, to reach out for him then it could have been prevented," said a fellow solider, who asked not to be identified.

The soldier told KHOU 11 News he served alongside Dionisio Garza III, 25, in Afghanistan.

"I would have never guessed Garza. Ever. I've seen him talk people down from PTSD moments I'm sure more than I could even count," he said.

However, he told us PTSD was something Garza struggled with too.

"I never thought he had a serious problem with it, he chose to go on a second and a third deployment and not only go, but be a leader there," he said.

Police have still not said why they believe Garza snapped or even why a man from California chose a neighborhood off Memorial Drive in West Houston.

"This is not a place where anyone expects anything like this to happen, kids are about to get out of school, it's about to be summer," said Daniel Irving, one of the pastors at Memorial Drive United Methodist Church.
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Police sources identify suspect in west Houston shooting
A second man identified as Byron Wilson is no longer a suspect and was in fact a Good Samaritan trying to help in the shooting.

The Good Samaritan was shot by the suspect as he tried to help and fight back. Wilson was critically injured, but he is expected to survive.

In total, two people were killed, including the suspect, and six others were injured.

The medical examiner on Monday identified the second deceased victim in the shooting as Eugene Linscomb.

One of the survivors was saved in part by a 17-year-old Boy Scout.

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