Monday, May 16, 2016

Iraq War Veteran James ‘Bo’ Greenwood Battle Ended

Iraq War Veteran James ‘Bo’ Greenwood deserved a lot more than just this poorly written account of the way his life ended. First it would have been helpful to have at least put in the effort to link to the report where he was interviewed. Secondly, it appears the reported decided that he was "just another statistic" considering he used "18-22" veterans committing suicide a day, then adding to that erroneous claim, he added it could be less. Frankly most experts actually read the report on number of veterans committing suicide because they are more important than just a headline grabbed off a report with 59 pages of information along with the fact those numbers were released in 2012 from limited data collected from just 21 states. It also lists the limits to the data they obtained but he'd have to bother to actually read up to 15 pages into it to know that.

Bill Riales wrote that "we wanted to put his face on the issue" yet failed miserably because this veteran's face, along with the over 26,000 a year committing suicide have faded away, replaced by worthless "awareness" of something that is not true. Oh, by the way another thing he didn't mention is that over 70% of the veterans committing suicide are over the age of 50. But hey, why tell their story since no one else is telling the truth?
Veteran Suicide Issue Hits Home For Mobile Family
By Bill Riales
Published: May 16, 2016
Davis and Greenwood interviewed with News 5 just last year, shortly after Greenwood laid out his problems for V.A. officials.
Just last year Iraq War Veteran James ‘Bo’ Greenwood was sounding off to Veterans Administration officials about the problems veterans face. Late last week, Greenwood died by his own hand.

So that he wouldn’t become just another statistic we wanted to put his face on the issue of Veteran Suicide. According to a 2012 VA report on veteran suicide, 18 to 22 veterans take their own lives each day. Those numbers may or may not be taken out of context. Various media reports have argued the number is exactly that, or perhaps much less.

What is not disputed is that the risk of veterans, particularly those who have deployed and served in a combat zone is as much as 3 times higher than the civilian population. Statistics don’t really mean much to those left behind however. In Greenwood’s case that would be his parents, his wife and son, and friend Matthew Davis.
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