Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Canada Wants Money Back From Disabled Veteran?

Former soldier shocked by $81,000 bill from Veterans Affairs
CBC News
By Travis McEwan
Posted: Jun 28, 2016

'It’s almost two years of my salary that they want back, that’s a lot of money' Dean Campbell
Retired Armed Forces veteran Dean Campbell relaxes at his property east of Sherwood Park.
(Travis McEwan/CBC)
Dean Campbell sometimes sees bombs dropping, smells things burning, hears the sounds of war.

His flashbacks are symptoms of post-traumatic stress syndrome, and can be triggered by loud noises, large crowds or stress.

The latest bout, he said, was brought on by a letter from Veterans Affairs Canada.

According to the government, the former warrant officer owes his country $81,272.10.

Part of the problem can be traced to a class-action lawsuit settled in 2014. The court ruled that veterans with disabilities were entitled to lump-sum payments to compensate for cost-of-living increases dating back to the 1970s, increases required under their long-term disability plan.

Campbell said his one-time payment from that settlement was close to $112,000.

In a letter sent in May, Veterans Affairs told Campbell he had been overpaid under the Service Income Security Insurance Plan by a total of $74,252.10 between 2012 and 2016. The letter said he had also received a separate overpayment of $7,020.

The government wants all the money back.
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