Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Combat Wounded Marine Message to Donald Trump

Wounded Marine to Trump: You do not represent veterans
Marine Corps Times
Jeff Schogol
June 13, 2016

“I do not want that kind of person representing me or my nation. As a wounded warrior who has had to deal with very severe physical and mental challenges since being shot in the head in Iraq, your juvenile actions could not offend me more.” Ret. Lt. Col Justin Constantine

A Marine veteran who was severely wounded while serving in Iraq has written a scathing open letter to Donald Trump explaining why he thinks no veteran should vote for him.

“It’s critical that all veterans take a close look at you and what you stand for," retired Lt. Col. Justin Constantine wrote in the letter, which was publicized Thursday on the Huffington Post. “Many of the outrageous statements you’ve made over the last year not only provide us insight into your mindset and desired agenda, but demonstrate what little regard you have for veterans and the national security issues which affect all of us.”
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