Saturday, June 4, 2016

Justice For Staff Sgt. Cory Griffin?

Staff Sgt. Cory Griffin's story caused me to write Deadly Decade of PTSD Healing Prevention in March. Since then his Mom, Debbie, has been an inspirational champion in the fight to get justice for veterans like her son. Not just legal justice, but all the way around.

There was no justice for Cory while serving at Fort Carson. Griffin was charged, convicted and sentenced to 8 years in prison. But this is not the end of the story, since many people are fighting to make sure that true justice is delivered for Cory.

A press release from Uniformed Services Justice and Advocacy Group, you can read what is all so easy to ignore.

Take a look at the following quotes in the press release and then look at what has been missing in all the talk about PTSD Awareness month. That started way back in 2010 by Congress yet it has all gotten worse because Congress has failed to become aware of anything that actually worked.
"Staff Sergeant Griffin is a twenty-seven year old man who served in the United States Army for eight years. During the course of his service he spent 12 months in Iraq, 9 months in Afghanistan and another 8 months in Qatar on a classified assignment, guarding a high-value asset. He spent additional time in Germany and at various state-side duty stations, including Ft. Carson."
Griffin would not have missed had he actually targeted his friend instead of hitting a thumb.
"There's another critical, common sense consideration here: the Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) of SSG Cory Griffin–he was 19 Delta, a Cavalry Scout who also served on a sniper team in Afghanistan. He was a Sharpshooter. If you ask no other question about this case, ask this one: Does it make any sense at all that a man who served in some of the most dangerous places on the planet as a sniper would miss an intended target at close range? For those of us with any respect or any experience in the US military know, if a highly-trained US Army Sniper had intended to kill a man at close range, he'd be dead."

Everyone Griffin served with trusted him with their lives because of what he could do when he intended to hit a target. The rest of the story about what happened that night can be found on the above link and you really should read it especially if the other missing links will ever make sense.

The case against him is one of assumption after assumption and you will read them.  A gun was shot yet when officers responded, Griffin was not arrested and charged with attempted murder began this farce of justice for Griffen, or did it?

Actually the farce began while military leaders refused to obey the law and dismissed the importance of post deployment screenings further compounding their total lack of regard to their failure of leadership while pushing a prevention program that had failed far too many.

It continued when members of the Senate Armed Services Committee knew that the leaders needed to do the post-deployment screenings but they were not being done and did nothing to hold any of them accountable.

Then it was all made even worse when no one was ever held accountable for anything other than the veterans being charged with crimes after they did everything to save lives in combat.

Justice for Cory? Hardly.


  1. Thank you so much Kathie for helping get Cory's story out.



    1. Debbie, you have been a champion for your son but should not have had to do any of this. If everyone else did their jobs in the first place, Cory would have been healing and enjoying his survival after combat, not fighting to prove his innocence.

  2. Thank you for your poignant assessment of Cory's case . NONE of the forensics in this case indicate the victim was shot any closer than 12 ft from the weapon . The story he put the gun to his head is a complete confabulation and ALL the the crime scene evidence screams out otherwise . The blood misting on the wall at 40 inches above the floor proves he lied . The spent shell casing back in the bedroom proves he lied . The wound itself , a proclaimed contact wound from a highly powerful 40 cal that has not a single sign of gunshot powder burns or stippling or the type of devastating wound you would expect is all MISSING , proves Mr Dragovich lied . We at USJAG will bring forth a new attorney and all the proof at Cory's next hearing . The DA Dan May was briefed on all this evidence and asked just to "stop " the train to reexamine the evidence ... putting Cory in prison was far more important than the truth . So Much for all the talk about understanding what our troops experience or suffer from , I bet he has a ribbon on his car that says " Support our troops " . 22 suicides a day and we still ask " why " . Dan May , you are one of the reason's .

    1. Robert, I cannot tell you how much what you guys are doing for Cory means to other veterans. You are fighting for one but will end up changing the lives of many. Blessings on your efforts.


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