Thursday, June 9, 2016

Memorial Day, Graves Honored, Day After Flags on Ground?

Veteran angered as dozens of American flags left on the ground at Chattanooga National Cemetery
Michelle Heron
June 8, 2016

"These are veteran's flags. They flew on their graves and then to disgrace them by rolling them up and putting them on the ground, just ate my crawl," Strube said.
Dozens of American flags on the ground at the Chattanooga National Cemetery. Photo by Don Strube
Chattanooga TN

A veteran, visiting the Chattanooga National Cemetery, leaves livid after finding American flags on the ground.

It happened last Tuesday as volunteers and crews were taking down Memorial Day flags but cemetery staff say the volunteers removing the flags had the best of intentions.

Vietnam veteran Don Strube and his friend discovered dozens of American flags rolled up in piles on the ground last Tuesday.
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